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Go at Your Own Pace with the free self-care giveaway!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Modern living is so so busy that it can eventually take its toll on our body and minds, especially if you’re chronically ill too! When diagnosed (for me it was intracranial hypertension and hemiplegic migraine!) the sheer task of adapting to changes while you lose control of your previous independence is right Pain.inthe.Head!

People assume when your chronically sick you take on the role of full time Netflix, napper and eater…. While that’s mostly true for all human beings it’s also important to balance that with the act of self-care; which is huge in managing energy long term. The same applies to everyone that the down days need to be balanced with things that bring you memories and joy!

There’s more to being ill than hospital appointments, sleeping all the time and dropping medication! But if you prefer to self love from the comfort of your own personal space then we've teamed up with Birchbox, in order to give you 6 months of beauty to your door (because you never know how long the next flare up might be!)




Read my 6 self- care for spoonie tips here.

Whats your favourite self care routine to keep you going? Tell me in the comments.

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