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Brexit-Proof your self-esteem with these 5 affirmations


If you’re anything like me, in 2016 the very words Brexit just created a huge Pain.inthe.Head!

“Huh? Breg-what?”

Brexit Humour Meme

I take a keen interest in politics but the past few years set my active debating (aka. Arguing with complete strangers) online aside for a more simple and enjoyable interest in this world’s hot topics.

But as we are still being dragged through the wet sand of leaving the EU, the statistics on the economic impact are still alarming. Notably, people are panicking and overspending on their favourite beauty products based on Brexit uncertainty…

I know?!

Statistics like these really got my thinking of the bigger impact these serious political nuances are having and how culture and society literally shifts and moves and adapts to anything that is thrown its way – Not always for the good.

I love people taking ownership of their life and regimes and even count beauty as one of my top self-care tip HERE… but would it really be so bad if we were all forced to be ourselves and not panic about getting our “must have” make up from abroad?

We hear so often “you look pretty!” “you are glowing!” “Wow your eyes look great!” etc… how often do we hear “You are pretty motivated!” or “Wow! Pretty smart of you to pick up on that!”

I think as a society we really struggle to set aside physical differences and really be vulnerable and actually get to hear a person’s story to find out what motivates them and what huge barriers they’ve overcome (I promise most people to have them!)

Therefore, last month I jumped at the opportunity to attend the We are Women campaign with Emilie Shoots. The campaign featured a huge selection of every type of women, body image, shape, size, education level, employment category, colour, smell height, you name it. We were randomly allocated into groups, asked to wear black and basically be ourselves.

For me… my main challenge is the image I portray that I am a healthy, glowing, vibrant and energetic young women. The truth is. I’m not. Because of invisible illness like intracranial hypertension, hemiplegic migraine and now fibromyalgia… I am far from it! But I choose to not allow these challenges to define me. It was so refreshing to get in the studio and just be surrounded by so many uplifting and supportive women.

This got me thinking about our plight with the European Union. How we’re given these decisions and asked to make a quick judgement, but the reality is,

We are Women!

We are all different but we yet all the same at the core. The ginger woman may suffer the same illnesses I do, but who knows? The short lady might not like her height but is educated enough to know that good things come in small packages anyway. Just like Germany differs to the UK, or France might not align with Poland as much, together WE ARE WOMEN! No one is better; only different. (P.s. The political hints at my no Brexit preference are my own…)

The experience was enlightening and one that I would do over. I put together a behind the scenes and the response was just beautiful! I have lost a significant amount of weight and am by no means photo perfect, but I am confident as a stand-alone Island when needed. This is partly because of the affirmations I openly share with myself every single day and I’m sharing them with you as you deserve the same confidence to.

1. I am proud of myself for everything I have accomplished

2. I accept myself for what I am; and always try to better myself

3. I am worthy

4. I love my body, and I do my best to take care of it

5. I let go of all the reasons I have to not love myself

Read these affirmations 5 minutes every morning until yourself truly believes it!

No woman is and island; Brexit proof your self-esteem while you still can. You don’t need a product nor a political movement to make yourself glow! You already have that power within you. Here’s is an open letter for anyone struggling with self-love.

What’s your best asset ladies? *HINT* You’re not allowed to choose your physical beauty


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