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7 Reasons why staying in is the new going out!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Going out to find entertainment all the time can be exhausting for anyone. Especially me, when counting spoons down to my next flare up and burn out because of chronic illness. It’s okay to switch it up sometimes and actually find something fun to do at home, and it’s just as fun as going out. If you love to support your local independent businesses like I do, then a big Friday night in does not mean you can’t still do that! A night in with games, pyjamas, and friends may be just what the doctor ordered, and there’s no shame in that!

I decided to do just this and came up with 7 reasons why staying in is the new going out; (Call it market research!)

1. It’s way more comfortable staying in wearing your jammies and slobbing about .

Numerous outfit changes, squeezing in to tight clothes, them uncomfortable shoes that just “look” great, are essential when leaving the house to have fun. But let’s be honest how convenient is it to just not have to plan and throw on your comfortable pyjamas and socks and chill out, binge watching Netflix without an actual care in the world how you look. Give yourself permission to have a break once in a while.

2. You can avoid big crowds.

Even sociable people like me get a bit overwhelmed with how many people actually exist on this tiny planet. Being around a ton of sweaty people, queues, the odd uncontrollable drunk is all a handful to navigate. Admit it, it’s nice to be alone, or pick one of your closest friends and stay in the comfort of your home - grind and sweat free. You can literally choose to do whatever you want and don’t have to worry about anyone getting in the way and ruining your plans!

3. You can save for something important. 

Drinks and tickets are expensive. It’s so easy to wake up after a night on the tiles and look through your fingers with anticipation at your itemised bill and regret the round of shots that you bought for the new group of friends you met in the toilet earlier. It’s happened to the best of us. If you want to still enjoy a drink it’s far cheaper at home. You can still support your local and we did exactly this! The main hotspot for pizza in Liverpool right now is Dough Liverpool and I’m appreciating ever part of their menu and delivery right now!

I could literally smell the excitement from the kids faces and I didn’t have to wait in line for 2 hours at 3am to enjoy it for a fraction of what is spent on a typical night out!

4. The clubs do not have food!

Self confessed foodie here! I may have lost 6 stone last year but I still know how to enjoy a treat and unless there’s jammy dodgers in my cocktail it doesn’t hit the sweet spot! I swapped wine for sweet treats, more specifically a white chocolate luxury milkshake from EyeCandy Deliveries Liverpool (Basically the Scouse Willy Wonka!) which was literally TO DIE for.

OK I'm a drama queen I didn’t die. But it tasted amazing so you get the point. It was night to give my liver a break from alcohol and I also go the feeling of enjoying a meal with friends from Dough to EyeCandy as they both conveniently dropped off at the door (all without me having to put actual clothes on and leave the front door! If that’s not good balance I don’t know what is!

5. No more making stressful plans

Especially if you have children or you are like me wondering when your next illness flare up might happen! It’s nice to know that even at your worst you can enjoy something at home. You don’t have to stress over ACTUAL plans. You pick the night, whose house and the time, then figure it out when you’re there. We chose to go with UNO (I'm a winner… ok I’m not my 11 year old won but who cares. Not me. ). We then watched a film whilst playing with disco balls and eating jellies and cuddling. The electronic devices became more of an inconvenience (we have to show what we’re doing in collab so you don’t miss out on what’s on offer!) than an necessity. 

6. The week is long enough relaxing at home is a form of self-care.

If you’ve had a week from hell going out and dancing and hopping club to club is only going to burn you out more! It will make you feel fed up and sleep deprived. Lie on the couch and stay in if you need, don’t get hooked on the FOMO culture. Do yourself a favour and have downtime. It’s so easy to go into auto pilot, you don’t realise how much your body will thank you for it!

7. You can support your local community without spending a fortune.

You can do whatever your heart desires and still be a good member of the community. Who doesn’t want their own area to thrive?! You don’t have to avoid talking to people you don’t like, if you want to get drunk and the dancing does it you can do that at home. You can play around with the cheese on your pizza and slurp your milkshake in peace all with no one to impress. These businesses deliver to the door and it made the whole night that much more fun! Get involved with the people in businesses around, you’ll find they’re more than happy to cater to your needs, give you a great night in and not hurt your bank balance in the meantime!

Special thanks to Dough Liverpool and EyeCandy deliveries for the great Friday night in!

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