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6 Self Care Tips (and gift ideas for Spoonies)

Modern living can be so busy that it can eventually take its toll on our body and minds, especially if you’re chronically ill too! When diagnosed (for me it was intracranial hypertension and hemiplegic migraine!) the sheer task of adapting to changes while you lose control of your previous independence is right Pain.inthe.Head!

People assume when your chronically sick you take on the role of full time Netflix, napper and eater…. While that’s mostly true for all human beings it’s also important to balance that with the act of self-care; which is unbelievably huge in managing energy long term. The same applies to everyone that the down days need to be balanced with things that bring you memories and joy!

There’s more to being ill than hospital appointments, sleeping all the time and dropping medication! Here’s the top 6 ‘feel good’ tips and gift ideas that I’ve personally used to keep my moving towards health (without losing my Scouse sparkle!) – Click each subheading to check out my recommended affiliate recommends!

1. Lotions, potions and skin care

There’s a reason they say your skin is the most important outfit you wear. Everyone loves to smell and feel silky smooth! This is a great one for gifting ideas too! If you’re feeling like you want to super spoil yourself there’s the option to have a treatment done for you while you lie back and relax! I highly recommend light facial peels! Done with the right professional they leave you feeling like you’ve got the celebrity glow! (I personally recommend Skin Focused Aesthetics!)

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2. Make Up!

This comes hand in hand with number 1. If you feel good on the surface and you make the extra effort to add a touch of makeup, then your confidence levels absolute soar! I am a huge fan of make up and it’s well known that adding a dash makes you feel better. It’s just an easy way to tell yourself “I’m worth the extra effort!” Because you are!

3. Look after your smile

It’s the only thing you wear when naked. You don’t have to spend hours over thinking this. Just take the effort to floss, and brush and touch up your hygiene and over time your smile with thank you!

4. Go out and connect with others!

Have experiences. Do not let your struggle control you. I wasted a huge part of my life living with the philosophy that if you feel bad you should stay home. After changing my perspective, I realised these moments give us a huge sense of belonging, a purpose which in turn results in more happiness.

5. Eat and drink well! Don’t be scared to add supplements!

You are what you eat! – It’s cliché but it’s true. Self-care comes from the inside out. After years neglecting your body of proper nourishment, it has no option but to struggle. This will have an impact on your mind and soul as well as your body. I switched to natural remedies and boosters and found a huge difference in my general energy levels day to day.

6. Don’t be afraid to travel!

Travelling disconnects you from the strain of everyday life. Sometimes just a few days is enough to replenish your mindset. Bonus points if you get some sun and free vitamin D too! But the main self-care is exploring somewhere new and enriching memories while you’re able!

There are so many ways you can show yourself some care and I’m here to remind you that you deserve it!

Keep these in mind if you ever wonder how to bring a spoonie friend out of a funk!

Follow my hidden disability journey here – Feel free to ask questions!

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