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How to set health goals based on psychology

We all set health goals in our lives — from running a marathon to New Year’s resolutions to lose a lot of excess weight; the trick, however, is in reaching them. How often do you reach the goals that you set for yourself?

We live in a time in which people hold themselves back out of modesty and humility and this makes you afraid of putting in the work needed. In a sense, goals are healthy attachments to life, and healthy attachments are crucial to form a positive mindset. In fact, by creating them, you reflect your internal belief that they are attainable and within reach. By setting the goal, you are moving toward a happier, more fulfilling life for yourself. If you feel that you are unable to set goals it indicates a lack of confidence in your ability to make positive changes to your life. If you are afraid of letting yourself or others down, you will limit your full potential.

Sometimes we avoid our goals out of fear of being selfish and self-centred, but it’s not necessary to restrain your own growth <3. It’s important to understand that by improving yourself, you will also be helping and inspiring others. You should strive for more than simply being comfortable!

The definition of a goal is ‘the end toward which effort is directed’. Goal setting is a constant and active process that works, once you dig deep and establish what you value and what motivates you. Valuing what you’re working toward, you’ll be interested and invested in putting in the effort to make it happen. After all, goals are just ideas which only become a reality once they’re reached.

After you’ve determined your priorities, create an action plan.

1. Don't rush. Do not expect to reach your goal very quickly. If you have a long road ahead set a month mini goal first. Time constraints add unnecessary pressure, bringing a negative constraint to the natural process.

Time Pressure

2. Be prepared. What is your strategy? Have you got all your tools ready for the month ahead? Don't leave things until last minute. Do you have something personal to you that keeps you motivated? Like a motivation board with prior achievement. Visuals are a brilliant way to keep your health goals in check… hanging a new outfit you’d like to eventually wear is a tried and tested method that works! Write down all the positives of achieving your health goal and write about how you will feel in 3 months time. I highly recommend connecting with others who share common goals. For me that’s the Mindset, Body and Soul Squad, a place where support is shared, and all are working towards their goals together.

Mindset Body and Soul Squad

3. Find a distraction. When temptation to fall of the goal wagon kicks in them distraction is another tool you need to use to stay consistent. Every health plan should involve something which improves your mindset, body and soul overall and these can be completely unique to you! E.g. Plan to do some light daily exercise such as gentle toning, walking, but also allocate time to read, or play your favourite game that gives you joy. Add to your motivation board regularly and humble brag every mini victory you notice! Consider taking up a new hobby (like reading through blog posts!), this will double up as a distraction and a mindset and soul improvement. Plan and list what you will do to distract yourself before you need it; then you can look at the list and pick something.

4. Keep Track! Finally, take time to track your successes and celebrate all the hard work you are doing and how it's paying off. Track your health changes via planners and actively keep it up to date. People who do this are 100% more likely to stay focused and achieve their long-term goal.
Remember to reflect on the past month – decide if your mini goal was unobtainable. This doesn’t mean your plan is not working so you should give up! Tweak your goals and aim to do better again by thinking about what you will do different next time. For example, when I knew I had such a lot of weight to lose and I was only losing a pound or so a week following a very low-calorie diet… I stayed consistent by moving onto a more flexible eating plan over the summer months when I knew I would be attending constant food and drink events! In the past I would have fallen off and on to the wagon eventually giving up altogether! It's a learning journey, and you will need to tweak your road map, but you will learn this from the little mistakes that we all make from time to time.#

Goal Setting

Though goal setting seems obvious, it is often ignored. But it is the secret assassin that I promise will get you to any goal you set yourself! When you fixate on the outcome, you may feel that you aren’t progressing steadily. It’s simple, but harder than it sounds. I promise you the reward waits for you at the end and that the gratification that comes with setting and achieving your own goals will prime you for HUGE success.

Good luck! It’s not easy but it’s certainly worth it!

Don’t forget to #MBSSquad to connect with other goal setters 😊

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