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How Total Food Replacement Diets work

There are so many benefits to losing weight if you are carrying extra pounds. This has been recognised more and more in recent years and backed by many health professionals and governing bodies . The diet packs are easily accessible over the internet or in certain shops and all have their own quirks and flavours to choose from, but essentially at the more basic level – they work the same way! Calorie Control.

So, here’s the run down on how to follow a true Total Food Replacement Diet.

Step 1: Take your measurements and set your short- and long-term goals – I added this step to the beginning because its crucial for the overall process when you’re weeks deep and start to struggle!

Step 2: Pick which plan you want to follow and order.

Step 3: Involve a friend who fully supports you or join a community (Like the Mindful, Body and Soul Squad!)

Step 4: BEGIN!

It’s as simple as that!

· X3 packets per day of 600 calories total which you should increase to x4 on every fourth week.

· 2-3 litres of water per day (option for tea and black coffee without milk but tablet sweeteners welcome)

· 20 very light exercise daily

Stay true to yourself and Total Food Replacement is arguably one of the easiest ways to strip excess weight fast. If you deviate you make the plan much slower and harder for yourself. The main tool you need to succeed on this challenge is a strong, positive mindset. I strongly endorse working on your overall goals surrounding your Mindful, Body and Soul (link) and the obstacles you face along the way will not stop you!

Good Luck!

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