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Why living on 600calories per day is AMAZING!

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Ok bear with me… I said it was amazing not easy. See for some people (me included!) we’ve hit a point where we must lose weight and we must do it fast.

For this reason, the birth of the very low-calorie diet happened; in which a person takes 3 meal replacements per day normally adding up to around 600 calories. (To find out how Total Food Replacement diets work click here)

In a world where opinions are regularly given despite sometimes being uninvited, I’m going to give you a few reasons why I believe total food replacement is amazing!

1. The convenience - This is especially true if your only responsibility is yourself. The shakes are so quick to make and only one cup to clean, or even better the bars come out of the wrapper and then in to the bin. No standing and cooking, preparing meals, cleaning up a pile of dishes, so you free up some of your time!

2. The nutrition boost - Again for most people, me included, on the way to gaining so much excess weigh we rarely consider if we get enough of vitamin A, B or even Z! Because these diets are regulated (and even now endorsed) by regulating bodies, they must contain 100% of our RDAs! No need to try to make a cocktail of them on your dinner plate, you can use the brain power to set your goals and visualize them!

3. The Rapid Weight Loss! - Speaking of visualisation, it’s such a great confidence boost when you start to physically see the fat come off your body. Aside from that, if you’re fighting back for your health like I did (My story is here….) then you most definitely need to take the sharpest route possible!

4. Less Toxic Behaviours – Though the plans seem extreme to some, the detox from some other socially accepted behaviours is literally what the body is craving. No alcohol fueled binges every weekend with hangovers, no excessive salts or sugar laced coffee mornings (think of the money saved!!) Basically, nothing to make you deviate from giving your body the pure goodness that it needs.

5. Ketosis – The holy grail of total food replacement. The Promised Land. Everyone strives for ketosis and some are lucky enough to reach it! This means more energy, less sluggishness, less hunger! Your body taking something negative (excess fat!) and turning it in to fuel so you can look after your Mindful Body and Soul 😊

6. The Sense of Achievement – Setting the goal to replace conventional food from your every day life is a HUGE task. We need to consume to survive, so it is an extreme measure when you decide to stop eating to lose weight! I remember setting those small goals… day one…done…day 2…done… Before I knew it, I was at 1 month. When I looked at myself my mindset was supporting the process… You can do this as long as you need! Well done you for proving your old self wrong!

For those skeptical of results here's 100% genuine progress. Disgustingly bad "before" photo after an accident last year, up until this week! Goal is imminent and the proof is in the pudding.


As a side note, I always find it unusual when people are negative towards another who is trying something FOR THEIR OWN HEALTH. A lot of the time, people can take these measures because they’re desperate, and let me tell you; very low-calorie diets ARE NOT MORE DANGEROUS THAN DIABETES AND STROKE.

Be kind to others, yourself and anyone ignorant to these benefits. We all want the same thing. HEALTH <3

Happy health and dieting all!

To find out how I’m doing a year on read Life After a Very Low-Calorie Diet.

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