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AVOID the January Blues!

Christmas is finally on its way. Although it can be an absolute blast, it’s no surprise that it can put you under immense stress without you even realising! When you consider the extra activities, parties, over-indulgences, spending and running around, it’s inevitable that a shift in your usual routine happens. Whilst you’re having fun on the surface, your emotions are preparing in wreak havoc in the following month when the notorious January Blues kicks in!

The real question here, is how do you do LESS, and enjoy MORE? How do you put the calm back in to the Christmas season? There’s still time to implement some simple strategies that will leave you feeling less MEH after the Dust of December has settled…

Get ready… try these strategies and let me know what you think!

1.Cut down on gifts! Stop exchanging gifts with people where the tradition has been lost. If there are numerous children to buy for, suggest a name raffle, each family/couple can contribute a set amount, this way gifts can be meaningful and less rushed!

2. Wrap and go. Do not leave your wrapping until Christmas eve. Every time you purchase a gift – wrap it! If you want to keep track of the contents then keep a sticky note on the box or a list on your phone.

3. NO BAKE ZONE. Try not to feel pressure to bake fresh. Plenty of supermarkets and bakeries will provide fresh treats and no one will ever know where they came from! Simply heat and dress them in the same manner you would from the oven.

4. Less Decoration. Don’t feel obliged to keep adding to your décor throughout the month. Stick to 2 or 3 main focal point. A tree, wreath and over mantle if you have a fire. This will bring a perfect festive atmosphere without the burden of removing it all the week after Christmas has been and gone!

5. Eliminate washing dishes. If you’re having a get together and providing a spread, pick up some paper plates (and cups for children!) in advance. When everyone is done, whip around in 3 minutes and collect them all to go straight in to the bin!

6. EMAIL or CALL. This is not for everyone. I know a select few family members who really wouldn’t do without a greeting card. But, for everyone else, pick up the phone one day for an hour. Call all your friends/relatives who you won’t get to see before the season and give your best wishes. Better still; pick out an e-card and drop them all an email. Cost effective and quick.

And finally…..

7. Don’t compare! Comparison is a joy thief. Do not feel obliged to keep up with the Jones’s. You don’t have to share what you do across social media to enjoy it. Be true to yourself, and your own happiness and traditions and you will thank yourself in the New Year.

Try these tips to avoid the seasonal overkill and remember the true meaning of Christmas. If you haven’t already maxed out your credit cards do something fun that you will enjoy, just because. Go ice skating, or catch a pantomime in your local theatre. If I have readers in my area Liverpool, (UK), I can highly recommend Peter Pan showing at the Epstein Theatre, which has SUPER 5* reviews (Look!) (and I may have a child performing in it too!)

Merry Christmas all, have a cracking New Year!!

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