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For most of my 20s I spent my time raising my 2 daughters whilst working and studying too! By the time I graduated from my master’s degree I was overweight, exhausted and just coasting through life mindlessly. Things took a bad turn when I then had an accident which left me in terrible pain and unable to walk properly for months. In the meantime, I’d been seeing my GP back and forth explaining how lethargic I felt, and how I was dealing with constant headaches. I was placed of a handful of anti-depressants and anti-anxieties and at this point a slipping into a dark hole earning the title as a resident pain in the neck!

By chance I stopped at an optician one day to have my eyes tested after I was struggling to read basic things, and constantly walking into walls and doors! He sent me to A and E straight away and a week later I was discharged with a diagnosis of intracranial hypertension and the news that Id started to lose the vision in my right eye. I would then go on to receive an additional diagnosis of hemiplegic migraine and hypermobility syndrome which is a world all on it ‘s own!

Following this shock diagnosis, I was placed under consideration for gastric band surgery I was finally given the push that I needed to get control over my life again. I’d spent years researching health psychology and worked in the industry so I dedicated my time to re-educating myself and really applying what I knew in theory, to what will work in practise! Once I was living the experience myself, I found it much more relatable to real life experiences of other people.

I turned my energy inwards and began to focus on self-love, gratitude and new ways to set goals!

February 2018, I began a total food replacement diet which I followed for 3 months straight. At the end of that stint my consultant confirmed I had HUGE improvements in my eyes, and I might have saved myself from any permanent damage moving forward!

I continued to push forward using new tools id picked up along the way to keep me motivated and as it stands, I’ve lost 85lbs in total! I’m almost down to my forever goal, so all the people who said "you’re just going to gain it back and more” …. NER NER!!

Over the course of this year I became engaged within so many communities which kept my supported throughout the whole process. I’ve now hit the point where others stop to reach out to me, to tell me I’m inspiring them! I’m inspiring?! This is still absurd to me, but I hear it almost every day and very slowly over time, it’s sinking in!

Through my love of the journey I found writing and sharing with others was the thing that kept me going along the way. Every bump or obstacle that I faced on my journey back to health, I was ready to tackle like the warrior goddess I felt! Naturally. Meeting these inspiring people throughout Liverpool and beyond became my inspiration to explore the world again when my health permits!

I am a full supporter of self-love, and challenging your own mindset, body and soul regularly to thrive. Positive vibes only and living life to the fullest!

In a world full of choice, we only regret the chances we didn’t take!

Enjoy 😊

Yours faithfully,

Pain in the Head, Steph x

Life transformation, spoonie and chronic illness lifestyle writer and blogger. Pain in the Head. 


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